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We love doing this show.  We get to speak to some inspirational people and help others to find their own inspiration.  However, delivering a podcast is time consuming and we could do with support to keep us regular (so to speak)

About the show

For the socially conscious, who want to make a positive impact on the world. 

The Green Elephant Show aims to inform, entertain and inspire individuals, communities and organisations to own their actions and strive to do better in future. 

By working with others, together we can ensure that everyone everywhere develops sustainable habits for the prosperity of all – hopefully, we’ll all have some fun on the way!

How could you support us?

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We enjoy a good sponsoring… but we don’t except anyone you know!  

The Green Elephant Show has capacity to accept a sponsor for one or more episodes.  A sponsor would get a mention at the start and end of the show, with a witty advert made-up by our hosts.

The show page and episode art would be branded with your logo and we could use one of the episodes to have a deeper discussion with a key member of the team.

All we would need at this stage was your expression of interest on the form below.

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As a listener, you may very well want to help, and encourage us, to keep going on our entertaining and informative journey.  Sponsorship would be a bit rich, but a small regular contribution you our endeavors would be gratefully received.

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Author of Blue Sky Stinking, chief mischief maker and usual winner of fact or fake! Perennial community servant & husband with a focus on always doing the right thing. Now with added cats.

Usually the voice you hear first and, because someone has to be the straight man, sound of reason. Entrepreneur, technologist, dad, runner and taker of small sustainable steps (and sometimes tripping over!)