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For the socially conscious who want to improve their impact on the world. The Green Elephant Show aims to entertain and inspire individuals, communities and organisations to own their actions and strive to do better in future. By working with others, together we can ensure that everyone everywhere develops sustainable habits for the prosperity of all – hopefully we’ll all have some fun on the way!

The Shows

News and Interviews

Our shows two main formats, news led and interview led. 

In the news show you can expect weekly fun, news, challenges, reviews interviews and tips for individuals, communities and businesses who want to improve their impact. We’re all about inspiring sustainable, climate, social and simple improvements, so sit back, relax, have fun and learn together with us.

Our second format is a more in-depth exploration of individuals and organisations, taking the time to explore more deeply how they do what they do and what motivates them. We have a particular focus on BCorps – those organisations that have certified their intention to do better for people, planet and profit. 

Our Values





More things we're passionate about

Becoming a Force for Good

B Corp logo with tag line

The Green Elephant Show grew out of Gydeline, our previous company which was certified as a Corp. This means that we were a company balancing people, planet and profit.  We’d love to see every organisation using the Business Impact Assessment, which we can help you with too.

Better Business for all

The Better Business Act

We’ve joined the campaign to change Section 172 of the Companies Act.  The campaign is called the Better Business Act and we would encourage all business leaders to put their name down to something which will make all business align long-term interests to people, planet and profit.

Making a stand for our climate

We declare a climate emergency

There is an overwhelming urgency to act on climate change.  Without action there will be global food shortages, extreme weather events, and millions of people displaced by sea level rise.  But first, we need to recognise that this is an emergency and act in that knowledge.

Using our creativity for good

Logo for the Sustainable Creative Charter - PLEDGED

Creativity is what makes us human, and separates us from other species. We have always used creativity to solve problems or invent things, but it has also caused many problems too.  We need to only use our creativity for good… so we signed this charter. 

  Will you use your creativity sustainably?

  1. Create clean
  2. Declare and share
  3. Lead by example
  4. Be human
  5. Start now and be bold!

Reducing our carbon impact

Net Zero 2030

Participants in Net Zero 2030 commit to achieving net zero emissions by 2030. Companies must use science-based targets to reduce emissions wherever possible. They should use verified offsets, emphasizing carbon removal projects, to balance emissions that cannot be eliminated. 

You don’t have to be a B Corp to commit to being CO2 conscious.

  1. PLEDGE: Publicly commit to Net Zero by 2030 through a communication from the highest level executive in the company.

  2. PLAN: Outline and share with relevant stakeholders the steps you will take in the short and medium term to meet this commitment.

  3. PROCEED: Take immediate and regular action towards your targets.

  4. PUBLISH: Self report progress against your plan and targets at least annually on the company’s website, blog site, and/or sustainability report.

Another way to make change happen

ActionFunder logo

We’re sure you’re a generous company, but it is sometimes difficult to work out the best initiatives to fund.  We’ve just partnered with ActionFunder to help us to do good, locally.  They have an easy to use online tool to enable us to fine and fund community projects or work with them to create tailor-made services.  Whether you are wanting to support a project or get help funding a community group, check out ActionFunder.

Have an inspiring book on us!

Book Cover: Our Time to Rise with foreword by Russell Cosway

It’s not often you get a chance to write a foreword to a book.  It’s even stranger to meet an author who wants to give their book away.  That’s what we’re doing here.  No strings.  If you fancy reading an inspiring book which is succinct but tells a good story; enlightening without the waffle and has an awesome foreword(!) then go spend around £35 at Amazon, or get it here…FREE!  You don’t even have to provide your email address!

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