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Better Business Interview S2 - Sandy from Sandy Vo

Hello and welcome to our second series of Green Elephant Better Business interviews.

Better Businesses look beyond profit and strive to focus on social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit with their purpose.

Throughout this series, we are chatting with key people in organisations that have chosen to work towards making themselves, or helpings others, run Better Businesses.

00:35 Interview with Sandy Vo from Sandy Vo

  • 01:30 Elephant in the room question – What do you feel “prosperity” is?
  • 02:15 Is your Prosperity not financial?
  • 03:15 Difference between achievement and fulfilment
  • 04:40 A reality behind success and achievement
  • 05:30 Achievement is external, fulfilment is internal
  • 07:25 The complexities of dealing with the brain – how do you address mental health?
  • 07:53 The unconscientious mind
  • 08:50 The conscientious mind
  • 11:45 How do you unlearn trauma?
  • 13:20 The function of the ego
  • 15:10 Response-ability (responsibility)
  • 16:07 If you can ask the question…
  • 17:17 What transitioned you to challenge ending your life?
  • 18:09 Ego-death?
  • 19:40 Reaction instead of response
  • 20:30 Wellness practices provide space
  • 21:10 Sheet music – the space between the notes
  • 23:15 Sustaining your energy but avoiding reaction
  • 24:45 Can you control fully in ‘the moment’?
  • 25:50 Solving problems with giving it space
  • 27:22 We breathe deeper when doing something we love
  • 28:38 What is meditation?
  • 29:10 Meditation is not…
  • 30:21 Meditation is…
  • 31:45 Everyone has a unique path – start with a sniff
  • 33:03 Start with 1 minute – the first date with your mind!
  • 34:57 “Self-care is being self-aware”
  • 35:30 Sustainability and business and prosperity
  • 36:11 Creating sustainable human-beings
  • 37:18 Our current way of life is not sustainable

40:47 Tip/Action

  • Go for a walk and get immersed in nature.  Look around and observe the story.
  • Do a 1-minute meditation –
  • 41:55 Let’s do 1-minute meditation now!

44:44 Recommendation

46:00 Fact or Fake

  1. Globally, mental illness affects more males (11.9%) than females (9.3%). (FAKE)
    1. Globally, mental illness affects more females (11.9%) than males (9.3%). (Our World in Data, 2018) (FACT)
  2. According to a study published by Lancet Psychiatry, the total cost of treatment of anxiety and depression disorders across 36 countries worldwide is estimated to be $147 billion by 2030. (FACT)
  3. The research found that 40% of organisations had seen an increase in demand for Mental health support since the pandemic (FAKE)
    1. The research found that 80% of organisations had seen an increase in demand for Mental health support since the pandemic

Extra FACT: (UK) In January 2021, 43% of unemployed people had poor mental health.  This was greater than for people in employment (27%) and for people who were on furlough (34%). 


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