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The Green Elephant Show
China increases coal, Climate change credit ratings, Cooking with food waste, Peak meat - Sustainability News for 31st March 2021

The latest sustainability news, fun, facts and reviews from the Green Elephant for 31st March 2021.

Since it’s B Corp month here at the Green Elephant Show, this week is all about the news – hopefully still fun! If you want facts, reviews and interviews take a look at our BCorps shows everyday in March.


02:36 – China generated over half world’s coal-fired power in 2020
04:28 – Global warming could cut over 60 countries’ credit ratings by 2030, study warns
06:00 – Why Russia has so many oil leaks
09:07 – Canada’s Supreme Court rules carbon price constitutional.
11:01 – India will not extend 2022 deadline for tighter fuel efficiency rules for carmakers
12:10 – Belgian citizens sue government over climate targets
13:54 – Cost of Lithium-ion Batteries Has Fallen by 97 Percent, Study Says
15:53 – “Biodegradable” drinking straws contain PFAS
17:17 – This new device captures CO2 from trucks as they drive
19:06 – Students design skateboard wheels made from chewing gum
20:16 – Tidal turbines power electric vehicles on Scotland’s Yell Island
21:50 – Swedish discovery could save supermarket energy bills
23:35 – Apple’s independent repair program is expanding to “nearly every country where Apple products are sold”
25:48 – Ikea wants you to cook with food waste
27:53 – When will we reach peak meat?
29:07 – His Game Made Beating a Pandemic Fun. Can He Do It for Climate Change?
31:00 – Fitness: As the climate changes, so will exercise habits

And finally:

32:20 – Senator Ron Johnson gives bizarre history of Greenland to claim climate change isn’t real

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