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We always like to hear from people, in businesses of all shapes and sizes, and to work out what makes them tick.  Are you up for a light hearted look at your business and a chance to explain your purpose and how you focus on people and planet with profit.

What's a Green Elephant interview recording like?

It's just a chat really...

First and foremost, we’re really nice.  There’s no gritty journalist here trying to get to the bottom of some nasty social-media gossip.  Just like some friends having a chat down the pub (as one listener described us)

Secondly, we like it as light-hearted, witty, informative and inspiring as possible.  We struggle with grumpy people with sales targets on their minds.

And C, it’s all about how we can use business as a force for good.  What are you doing which makes you a better business?  What burns as the purpose in your company? How are you balancing people and the planet whilst making a profit?

Oh yeah, finally, we usually try to avoid editing, unless there’s good reason (e.g. interruption, dropout).  All said and done, It saves time and you can stop worrying about us editing you unsympathetically.  


How a recording goes...

  • Quick preamble chat to settle in and check facts
  • Ensure you’re happy for us to use the video
  • Start with a quick intro to you and the business
  • A chat!
  • We also ask our interviewees for:
    • a recommendation – TV show, book, podcast, product, service, film,…. We’re not fussy
    • suggesting an action – Something a listener could do today/this week which could make a small difference
    • some Facts or Fakes – This can be either way (I can ask or you can), and the idea is for one of us to have 3 statements which are either True or False – Say each statement and then ask “Is that Fact or Fake?”. Answerer then mulls and reasons their answer and once the response and right/wrong has been given, there could be a sub-explanation or comment to be made.
  • The farewell – well, even good things must end!

What happens after the recording?

Post production (sounds professional!)

We take the recording and trim out any major indiscretions, bumbles, fumbles and interruptions… mainly the host asking a dumb question!

We create episode art with your name and business logo and build a show page with a summary of the key points you made.

If we can use the video, we select some great little sound bites, each 20-60 secs and make some clips you can use if you wish.  We use these for promotion and creating conversations

Releasing into the wild

Once we’ve worked out the best date to release the episode we’ll drop you a line with the details of the links and provide access to some resources you can use for marketing to your followers.

Finally, we publish the show page on our website and video on our YouTube channel.  The podcast populates across the… errr… podiverse (?)

Oh, then we start sharing on our various channels and we hope you will do the same on yours.

and boom - you're a business superstar.

So, you like the sound of it?

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Author of Blue Sky Stinking, chief mischief maker and usual winner of fact or fake! Perennial community servant & husband with a focus on always doing the right thing. Now with added cats.

Usually the voice you hear first and, because someone has to be the straight man, sound of reason. Entrepreneur, technologist, dad, runner and taker of small sustainable steps (and sometimes tripping over!)