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Blue Sky Stinking Business Podcast Begins

The new for 2019 business podcast: Blue Sky Stinking has arrived and we hope you enjoy it. A brief intro to one of the Season 1 characters and a quick summary of Episode 1...


Bryock Penhalegun

Zelda Zero’s Executive Assistant

Personal Profile

Colour : Grey & Pink
Artist : Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, Drake
Phobia : Nomophobia (fear of having no phone)
Food : Protein Bars, Pizza
Drink: Orange Squash, occasionally a Peroni Light

" I struggle with sticking out in the crowd. I prefer to make those around me look good before putting myself forward for honour and glory." - Bryock Penhalegun, Exec Assistant to Ms Zero

Blue Sky Stinking Podcast - EP7 Tweet

" Ms Zero, you have had this in today's actual mail. Haven't seen one before, but I think it's a letter" - Bryock Penhalegun, Exec Assistant to Ms Zero

Blue Sky Stinking Podcast - EP8 Tweet

Bryock… Has 2-2 BA Philosophy Degree from York, 20 something. Great at using quotations appropriately, but Zelda doesn’t always understand. Can be a bit serious or intense. Cornish parents (thus the name), understands social media badly, loads of ideas, sometimes the right ones. Son of one of Zelda’s lifelong friends, Penny, which got him the job, by accident really.

What to expect from Episode 1

Episode one introduces the world of Zero’s Heroes with characters; Nero, Zelda, Bob and Jakob. Zelda Zero, an ambitious and enthusiastic person, gets cheesed off with the way her dad runs his company, Zero’s Heroes.

Following a misunderstood conversation with Bob, Zelda is thrown into an unexpected opportunity. To top it all, Zelda gets some unexpected support from Jakob Oakstock, an angel investor.

Following your introduction to the drama, Mike Saville and Russell Cosway explain the new business podcast format and talk about some of the issues that were raised in the opening scenes.

Next episode provides a further insight into the life of Zelda, our aspiring entrepreneur, and then Mike and Russell, with specialist guests, provide simple advice on starting and running a business.

What’s the worst way to start a business? A challenge, a bet, out of irritation? What could possibly go wrong? Find out in the new business podcast: Blue Sky Stinking – Episode 1 and more has arrived and we hope you enjoy it.

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