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Green Elephant Episode 3 - Green Websites

003 Green Websites – Can a website ever be green?

Green Elephant
003 Green Websites - Can a website ever be green?

Overview Nearly everyone has their own or uses a website. But are these green websites? In this episode we delve into the world of internet and websites, discuss a little of what makes the internet function (and consume so much energy) before finally diving into individual websites. Sit back, listen

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Sending one less email would take thousands of cars off the road

One less email takes 3334 cars off the road

If every adult in the UK sent one less “thank you” email, it could save 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year – the equivalent to taking 3,334 diesel cars off the road a typical business user creates 135kg (298lbs) CO2e from sending emails every year, which is the equivalent of driving 200

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All the devices and gadgets you use have a carbon footprint

Carbon footprint of gadgets account for 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions

The carbon footprint of our gadgets, the internet and the systems supporting them account for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions It is similar to the amount produced by the airline industry globally, Source: https://theshiftproject.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Lean-ICT-Report_The-Shift-Project_2019.pdf Source: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200305-why-your-internet-habits-are-not-as-clean-as-you-think

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Youtube streaming uses large amounts of energy

Single Youtube video burns energy equal to 40,000 homes

The music video for “Despacito” set an Internet record in April 2018 when it became the first video to hit five billion views on YouTube. In the process, “Despacito” reached a less celebrated milestone: it burned as much energy as 40,000 U.S. homes use in a year. Computer servers, which

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Communications industry uses large amount of worlds energy

The communications industry could use 20% of all the world’s electricity by 2025

The communications industry could use 20% of all the world’s electricity by 2025, hampering attempts to meet climate change targets and straining grids as demand by power-hungry server farms storing digital data from billions of smartphones, tablets and internet-connected devices grows exponentially. Source: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/11/tsunami-of-data-could-consume-fifth-global-electricity-by-2025

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